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Prof. Robert West, Dir. of Tobacco Research at University College London - E-cigarettes 'pose no health risk'

News From BBC 9/5/2014

New E-Cig Study Hypes Formaldehyde Fears Based on Faulty Experiments 1/21/2015 News from

Study also finds that vapor products, when used under realistic conditions, produce no detectable levels of formaldehyde.

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, the American Vaping Association, a leading advocate for the benefits of vapor products such as electronic cigarettes, joined with the anti-smoking organization Smokefree Pennsylvania, to react to the release of a new letter published in the New England Journal of Medicine*. The letter reports the results from a study that purports to show that while vapor products used at a low voltage (3.3 volts**) produce no detectable levels of formaldehyde, using the same device at a higher voltage (5.0 volts) produces formaldehyde in amounts larger than are found in cigarette smoke. However, as revealed below, the truth behind the study is that the high levels of formaldehyde were only found because the authors used extremely inappropriate testing methods.

Bill Godshall, longtime anti-smoking activist and the Executive Director of Smokefree Pennsylvania, issued the following statement:

"Just as cigarette smoking machines were wrong about "low tar" cigarettes decades ago because they didn't resemble human smoking, this study's findings are wrong because their vaping machine experiment didn't resemble human vaping.

By setting their machine to repeatedly take three-to-four second puffs at 5.0 volts, the researchers overheated the vaporizer. Vapers call this the "dry puff phenomenon," and don't do it due to the very harsh and awful taste. By making a false assumption and by multiplying that false assumption over and over, the researchers got it all wrong. There is no scientific evidence that e-cigs increase risks for cancer or any other disease.

The authors should publish a letter in the journal clarifying that their study tested vapor products under unrealistic conditions that went against published research study protocols. This study is going to cause real harm to public health, as many smokers will read this study and incorrectly decide that continuing to inhale burning smoke into their lungs may be safer than vaping.

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