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Save A Smoker is one the first ECig companies in the USA. Since 2009, we
have only sold to adults
have always used child proof caps
have always used nicotine warning on labels
have always used the finest ingredients that do not contain Diacetyl.

However, in 6 years from August 8, 2016 we will have to close our company unless regulations are changed.
Current regulation for tobacco requires any product not sold before Feb. 2008 to complete a Premarket Application
to the FDA for each ecig model and every flavor/strength combo. Each Application will requires hundreds of thousands
of dollars to complete and can be denied for any subjective reason. This means 99% of vaping products will disappear
from the market on Aug 8, 2019 and the industry will be given to Big Money Tobacco companies.

Contact your local representatives and tell your friends and family to do the same! Tell them what vaping means to you and to support
H.R.2058 - FDA Deeming Authority Clarification Act of 2015 (Cole- Bishopamendment to the Agricultural Bill of Appropriations).
This will allow current products to remain on the market.
Join advocacy groups to get info at and Donate and Advocate!......