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As daily users of electronic cigarettes, we understand there are few things more aggravating than an e-cig that is not working properly :-(

We don't want you to shoot anyone, or even worse, smoke stinky tobacco cigarettes.

If your electronic cigarette is not working properly, use the following Troubleshooting guide and hopefully you will be vaping happily again!

Make sure your battery and atomizer are screwed together firmly & vapor cartridge has plenty of e-liquid.

If the battery tip blinks before 3 seconds of continuous inhaling, battery is exhausted and needs to be recharged. Battery will blink after 4 seconds of continuous inhaling to allow atomizer to cool and is ready to use again after blinking stops.

Trouble-shooting is easier if you have more than one battery and more than one atomizer. Example: try battery on another working atomizer. If the second atomizer works, the first atomizer is likely the problem. If battery does not work with the second atomizer, the battery is likely the problem.

PROBLEM: Electronic Cigarette produces no / low vapor.

SOLUTION 1: Make sure contact points between battery and atomizer are clear of debris and residue. Inside the threaded ends of the battery and atomizer are connection plates  (round copper rings with a hole in the center). When you inhale, the battery plate pulls toward the atomizer plate. This contact sends power from the battery to atomizer.
Clean the atomizer and battery plates by firmly
twisting a Q-tip or wadded napkin around plate to scrub it clean then blow off any remaining particles. DO NOT use canned air as moisture can damage batteries and high pressure can damage atomizers. For hard to remove debris, you can use a small flat head screwdriver or a paperclip end to scrape the plates then blow off, wipe clean and blow off again. If this does not fix problem, follow atomizer cleaning instructions below.

Keep extra batteries in carry case to avoid collecting debris while not in use!

SOLUTION 2: If both batteries light up normally when inhaling but atomizer produces NO heat or vapor, it is possible the atomizer connection plate has gotten recessed and the battery pressure plate cannot reach it. To raise the atomizer connection plate: remove atomizer from battery and gently lift the plate with tweezers. BE CAREFULL! The atomizer has soldered connections below the plate that can break if lifted too far so raise it only a small amount. A push pin or paper clip end can also be used by inserting into the hole in the plate, then bend to the side and lift up gently. While lifting, spin the atomizer to achieve uniform lift. This solution fixes over half of the atomizers that are returned as defective.

PROBLEM: E-Cig produces only 1 or 2 good draws, then after a few minutes allows 1 or 2 more good draws / Vapor cartridge must be refilled after only 1 or 2 draws.

SOLUTION: Likely, the reason is the atomizer needs to be re-primed. If a vapor cartridge is used for too long without adding e-liquid, the e-liquid in the atomizer’s reservoir is used. The reservoir surrounds the heating element with e-liquid which keeps the element from over-heating and allows the atomizer to properly wick from the vapor cartridge.

Remove the battery and vapor cartridge from the atomizer. Prime your atomizer by placing 4 drops directly into the cartridge side of the atomizer. Place it on a paper towel for a few minutes (cartridge side up) to allow the liquid to drain into the bowl. Make sure atomizer’s connection plate and threads are dry before replacing battery. Put your MV Pro back together using a fresh battery and a topped off cartridge. Draw just hard enough to make the battery’s LED light come on and keep it on for 2-3 seconds with the battery at a downward angle. Drawing too hard can cause e-liquid to get into your mouth….yuk!

Battery light does not come on / Battery life is too short / Battery will not take a charge / Charger light is green but battery is not charged:

SOLUTION: Remove battery from atomizer and firmly tap the battery on a counter top 4 times (like packing cigarettes). The threaded side (part that screws in to the atomizer) should be pointing straight downward and is the part that makes contact with the counter top. Then screw the battery back on to the atomizer first (not the charger!) and draw on the e-cig a few times. This resets the protection switch in the battery and allows it to take a full charge again and exhaust fully before shutting off.


For Best Atomizer Performance…

Make sure you keep a fresh cartridge even if you use the liquid. Throw them away after two - three days of moderate use.

Clean your atomizer weekly.

SaveASmoker's approved method of atomizer cleaning:

Decreased vapor from an atomizer usually means the mesh inside the atomizer is gunked up. This can be caused from unused liquid build-up and or particles of debris, like lent from a pocket or purse. There are many ways in which an atomizer can collect debris so it is always advised keep your atomizer in a case when not in use. You can remove particles that are visible in the atomizers bowl by taking a Q-tip and swirl it around being careful not to touch the wire mesh.

Once these particles become lodged in your atomizers wire mesh, they constrict the much needed airflow causing decreased vapor and quite possibly the early demise of your atomizer.

How to revive a low producing and sometimes dead atomizer to like new.

1: Buy Crest Pro Health mouthwash blue (No alcohol in its ingredients)

2: Hold a paper towel at the cartridge end of the atomizer and blow through the battery end, in short bursts until no liquid is expelled. (This gets rid of old liquid and primer)

3: Place your atomizer in the bottom of a small, light colored plastic cup or tumbler.

4: Fill the cup with enough Crest Pro Health Mouthwash to cover the atomizer.

5: Soak the atomizer for 15 minutes "only" while occasionally gently agitating the liquid so it flows through the atomizer's wire mesh. Do not bang the atomizer on the sides of the cup.

6: Look for small pieces of debris in the bottom of the cup. This means it's working. Also, the liquid may turn green. This is good.

7: After 15 minutes remove the atomizer, discard the mouthwash, once again blow through the battery end in short bursts until no liquid is expelled. Then refill the cup with warm water and rinse the atomizer, again gently agitating the cup so the water flows through the atomizer.

8: Take out the atomizer, discard the warm water and once again blow to discard the liquid and remaining debris.

9: Fill the cup again with hot water and let the atomizer soak for 30 mins. This will help to get rid of the mouthwash taste.

10: Take out the atomizer and blow again removing the excess liquid.

11: Take a hair dryer and lightly dry the atomizer. If you do not have a hair dryer then skip to step 12.

12: Place a paper towel on the counter and place the atomizer (cartridge side down) on the paper towel overnight. This allows any excess liquid to drain out of the atomizer.

13. In the morning, make sure your atomizer is completely dry (a wet atomizer will not work). Attach a fresh battery and take a few puffs without the cartridge attached. If it is completely dry and free of debris the atomizer will heat up without producing vapor. Also, this will get rid of any excess moisture.

14: Prime your atomizer by placing 3 drops of liquid on the wire mesh itself and 3 or 4 drops in the bowl. Place it back on the paper towel for a few minutes (cartridge side up) to allow the liquid to drain into the bowl.

15: Make sure you have a fresh battery and a topped off cartridge. Put your MaxxVapor Pro together and start vaping. It may take a few minutes but you should experience an easier draw and better vapor. You may still taste the minty freshness of the mouthwash but it should not last long.


Remember, keeping your atomizer clean will result in better vapor and save you money because your atomizer will last and last.

Using a low battery helps to add gunk to your atomizer because it doesn't vaporize the liquid completely. Change your batteries before they completely discharge.