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Maxx Vapor ELITE Electronic Cigarette

The MV ELITE is the most popular large battery electronic cigarette in the world. It combines long lasting & powerful lithium ion batteries with the best atomizers, creating stronger vapor production, consistent throat hit, and long durability.

ELITE electronic cigarette components:

The ELITE electronic cigarette consists of four parts: Battery, Atomizer Cover, Atomizer and Cartridge.

The Cartridge:

The ELITE cartridge holds approximately 1ml of e-liquid. It comes from the factory with a white poly-fill inside which should be filled with e-liquid. Replacement cartridges can be purchased pre-filled or blank/dry (requires e-liquid) and come in packs of 5.

When to replace: When vapor production diminishes, replace with a pre-filled cartridge or add e-liquid. Replace cartridge every three to four days if refilling with e-liquid.

Choking hazard: If you bite hard on the end of your cartridge, the lid of the cartridge can pop off. This could create a choking hazard.

The Atomizer:

The ELITE atomizer is the part of the electronic cigarette that vaporizes the e-liquid. It uses a heating coil at its base that instantly vaporizes e-liquid. On top of the heating coil is a wick, which helps pool the e-liquid directly on top of the heating coil. The atomizer also contains a metal bridge that holds in place a metal mesh. This mesh is designed to transfer e-liquid from the cartridge to the wick and heating coil. It comes from the factory with a dummy cartridge attached. IMPORTANT: Remove dummy cartridge and attach a new cartridge pre-filled with e-liquid before using your ELITE!

The atomizer will last an average of 1-3 months, depending on a number of factors. These factors include how often it is used and how well it is maintained. Here are some tips for extending the life of your atomizer:

  • Never use an atomizer without e-liquid
  • Never use an atomizer without airflow (drawing air or blowing air)
  • Never allow an atomizer to be on for more than 10 seconds continuously
  • Allow time between uses for the atomizer to cool down before using again
  • Keep atomizers upright when possible if not using for an extended period
  • If you hear a gurgling sound when inhaling, you have too much e-liquid in your atomizer. Remove atomizer from battery and cartridge. Expel excess e-liquid by blowing though the cartridge side. Dry the threaded end before re-attaching to battery.
  • If your atomizer tastes burnt, you are not using enough e-liquid. Add 2-3 drops of e-liquid directly into the atomizer (cartridge side).

The Battery:

The ELITE batteries are 650mah lithium ion batteries. New batteries have a factory charge and can be used out of the box. The initial charge on each battery should be for 8 hours. They are manual (push button) batteries. The batteries are memory-free, so you don't need to wait for the battery to fully discharge before recharging it. The indicator light on the battery lights up when the button is depressed, letting you know the e-cig is operating. When the battery needs to be charged, the battery light will flash.

* Time between charges: 8-16 hours * Charge time: 2-3 hours

Battery cleaning: If liquid or residue builds up inside threaded area of battery (where atomizer attaches), power to atomizer and from charger can be impeded.

  1. Remove battery from atomizer
  2. Twist a paper towel piece into a point
  3. Moisten the paper towel with rubbing alcohol
  4. Insert paper towel point into battery where the threads are, twist the paper towel inside the crevice.
  5. Repeat above steps with clean paper towel

Electronic cigarette batteries, like laptop and cell phone batteries will eventually start to lose their full capacity. The ELITE batteries are designed to last 300+ charges at full capacity, after which time they will begin to last a shorter and shorter length. This is an expected circumstance, and no preventative measures can be done. When your battery starts to lose its charge, it is time to replace with a new ELITE battery. Please dispose of battery properly.

The Charger:

The ELITE electronic cigarette kit comes with a two piece charging system. The battery can be screwed directly into the usb charger, and then connected to any device that has a USB port. Examples include computers, laptops, Xbox, PS3, etc. The usb charger can also be attached to the included AC adapter, and plugged into a wall plug. Car Chargers are available also but not included. When the charger has power the indicator will be green. The charger indicator light will change to red when it begins charging a battery. When the battery is fully charged, the indicator light will return to green.

  • Do not use different AC adapter to plug USB adapter into.
  • Charge batteries at temperature above 10'C
  • DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN BATTERIES - Only twist battery until the confirmation light blinks on the battery and charger. Over-tightening can cause the charger to crack.
  • Do not use charger near liquid, in a washroom, or anywhere water may be present
  • Charger not designed for outdoor use.

Charger cleaning: If liquid or residue builds up inside threaded area of charger (where battery attaches), power can be impeded.

  1. ALWAYS Unplug Charger from power source before cleaning!
  2. clean threaded end of charger (where battery attaches) using a paper towel

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